Hey, look! Bleachers!

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There is going to be a Cubs game tonight (we hope, weather permitting) and it will be the first to feature the full set of bleachers.  Recall that the left- and center-field bleachers opened up back in May, and now that both video boards and the assorted LED screens are in place, just in time for this next home stand, the entire set of bleachers will open for business for the first time in the renovation era:

Now if I had random money lying around, I’d pick up a bleachers ticket just to walk around and check out the new digs.  You should take advantage of Josh’s offer to snag some tickets for this coming home stand and check it out yourself, the Cubs did a splendid job and pretty much kept to their revised schedule they laid out at the Convention.

UPDATE 5:50 PM: From the fan’s point of view, via Anno who is at the game tonight…

BleachersRF BleachersCF BleachersLF

Looks cozy and fun.  I also think the Cubs are allowing bleachers fans to go into the main seating bowl to buy food, so I may have to snag that bleachers ticket after all…


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