Starlin Castro Temporarily Shuts Down the Narrative

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The Chicago Cubs did not win today.  Against Johnny Cueto, who is a huge trade target this summer, you kind of expected that to be the case, especially with Jason Hammel struggling.  But this was the reason why the Cubs lost in extras and not to Cueto himself:

You have to take into consideration several things:

  1. Starlin Castro is legitimately struggling at the plate right now.
  2. Starlin Castro is not exactly the best defender in the world.
  3. Starlin Castro has had a history of success in his short career despite this.
  4. The Cubs rebuild the Wrigley Field bleachers to be taller and deeper.

That said, the fact that the home run cleared the bleachers and made it to Waveland is impressive.  The game was tied, we felt good for a bit, and the narrative later shifted towards a rather unfortunate double play and Hector Rondon‘s unlucky inning with shaky defense and seeing-eye ground balls behind him.  Oh well.  Enjoy a moon shot, will ya?


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