South Bend Cubs: All Star Vacation (in Peoria)

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As we discussed in an earlier blog post, five South Bend Cubs were selected for the Eastern Division team of the MWL All Star Game and I made my husband travel almost 8 hours total to attend the game with me. The Midwest League All Star Game took place at Dozer Park, the home of the Peoria Chiefs. 5,858 fans saw the Eastern Division defeat the Western Division 5-0. The Blackhawks own Jim Cornelison sang the National Anthem as well as God Bless America in the seventh inning.

All three of South Bend’s position players were named starters as was pitcher Jeremy Null.

IMG_0612 Null was the game’s winning pitcher. He only pitched the first inning but made an impression nonetheless. Null struck out the side, working around a 1 out hit. Null started what would be a strong pitching night for the Eastern Division. Fourteen Eastern Division pitchers combined for 16 strikeouts, allowing only 3 hits, 1 walk and 0 runs.

Gleyber Torres
Gleyber Torres

South Bend’s Gleyber Torres started at shortstop for the East and went 0-3, striking out once. He did make a number of great defensive plays during the game. In fact, in the bottom of the third, Torres had a hand in all three outs – throwing out both Caleb Adams and Marty Herum and then making the catch on a line drive by Sandber Pimentel.

Charcer Burks
Charcer Burks

Charcer Burks was the East’s starting right fielder. He walked once and got an RBI on a groundout. Cael Brockmeyer started at catcher and went 0-2. Torres, Burks and Brockmeyer all played five innings.

Cael Brockmeyer

South Bend pitchers were featured in the first and ninth innings. Null faced four batters, striking out three, in the first and South Bend’s James Farris faced two batters in the ninth, striking out both – one swinging and one looking.

Jeremy Null
Jeremy Null
James Farris
James Farris

Jeremy Null was selected the game MVP, receiving a hand carved bat and earning a Len Kasper shoutout during a Cubs game.


His thoughts?

“I didn’t think a pitcher could win the MVP in an All-Star Game,” Null said, joking as he clutched the league’s MVP award — a hand-carved bat. “Giving a pitcher a bat? I was thinking, ‘What’s this for?”

“I threw well tonight, but then a lot of guys did. Both teams, really — 29 strikeouts was unbelievable. But I knew the guys on our staff, have seen them pitch, and I knew this could happen.”

“The fans probably came to an All-Star Game expecting homers and a lot of runs, and they’re probably mad at us.”

After the game, Null posed for photos with teammates Farris, Brockmeyer and Burks.



Farris, Brockmeyer, Null, Burks

The baby Cubs start the second half of the season at Lake County on Thursday, June 25 for a four game series and return home on Monday, June 29 to take on the Lansing Lugnuts.

In related news, South Bend will host the MWL All Star Game in 2019 as confirmed by owner Andrew Berlin.

Now here are some random photos from our trip to the Midwest League All Star Game:

IMG_0523 IMG_0527 IMG_0528

IMG_0649 IMG_0570 IMG_0581 IMG_0606 IMG_0624 IMG_0626 IMG_0643 IMG_0647

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