Cubs Offense Breaks Out…. Sorta 

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4th of July

Last night the Chicago Cubs did something that we have been waiting for. They scored seven, yes seven runs in a ball game. They defeated the Miami Marlins 7-2 last night, and only left one man on base. Both of which are a rarity with the Cubs as of late.  The star of the night was Kris Bryant who had six RBI. So things are looking up right?

Not exactly.

Take a closer look at what the Cubs did last night. They scored seven runs, but only four hits. That is not necessarily a bad thing, what that shows is the Cubs were also very patient drawing walks, something we need them to be. The more baserunners the Cubs get, the more runs they can score. All they need to do is start hitting with men in scoring position. So what is the problem with last nights game?

The problem is, all seven runs and four hits came in the first two innings. In the first inning, Bryant hit a two run home run, in the second inning he hit a grand slam. I am thrilled that his power bat appears to be back, but the performance of the Cubs still bothers me. The Cubs were no hit in the final six innings of last night game. Despite the seven runs scored, the Cubs offense is still struggling mightily.

When everyone in the lineup is slumping at the same time, your offense will not look good. Unfortunately that is exactly where the Cubs are at. They need to start hitting again, and not just in the first two innings of a game.

Perhaps I am nitpicking. After all, the Cubs did score seven runs and won the game.

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2 Replies to “Cubs Offense Breaks Out…. Sorta ”

  1. You raise a good point. We need more consistent output from the entire lineup. I nominate Castro for a trade

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