Happy Independence Day

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Today, the day of our nation’s birth, I went with family to Mission San Juan Bautista here in California to learn about history and stuff.  Since we’re talking about history, this is also the day (almost to the hour now) last year when the Chicago Cubs made a hell of a trade to get Addison Russell, super prospect Billy McKinney.  Although they sent him over then for those two, the Cubs eventually got Jason Hammel back, which, believe it or not, is a good thing.

The Cubs also took this day to debut a low-risk, fairly-good-reward pitcher in Clayton Richard.  He had a good game, and was backed by Kris Bryant‘s big day as well.  

I can’t think of a more American event than an original National League team destroying an upstart opponent (albeit an upstart that won a couple World Series championships, grumble grumble).  It helped that Bryant provided fireworks, because with the California drought, nobody is allowed to set off fireworks in this state even though the neighbors don’t care about silly things like the law.

Grand celebration! (Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images)
Grand celebration!
(Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images)

Happy Independence Day, everyone!  Enjoy the non-home run fireworks!


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