Cubs and White Sox Set to Honor Legends

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Over the winter, Chicago lost two baseball legends. The Chicago Cubs lost Mr. Cub Ernie Banks, and the Chicago White Sox lost Mr. White Sox Minnie Minoso. Both men were baseball legends, and both were the first black ball players to take the field for each team.

Over the course of the season, the Cubs have been honoring Banks, and when the two Chicago clubs meet for the first time this coming weekend, both teams will honor their fallen legends.

I knew both teams would be doing something special for these two legends of the game, honoring the men that meant so much to the team and the fanbases. When they meet up this weekend at Wrigley Field, both the Cubs and White Sox will be wearing special uniforms.


Similarly, when the two clubs meet up at U.S. Cellular in August, both teams will once again be honoring their fallen legends during a game of the series.

Like at Wrigley, both teams will be wearing throwback uniforms


While this is a great idea, and a fine way to honor both legends of the game, the Cubs and White Sox could take this to another level as Bruce Miles has been lobbying for since the passing of both men.

They could also wear a special patch for the whole series, on both sides of town, that look a little like this.


While the patch likely has no chance of happening, renaming the trophy still can happen. Make it so Mr. Ricketts, Mr. Reinsdorf.

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