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Lost in last night’s eventual loss to the St. Louis Cardinals was how well Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Jon Lester performed to keep his team in the game despite poor offense and defensive snafus.  Of course, some of us may have missed exactly HOW well that performance was:

Which, when bad things happened in the seventh inning, led to a deluge of tweets cursing Len Kasper and forcing him to address the situation.

A play-by-play announcer should NEVER have to justify that.  I’m sure Pat Hughes was saying something similar on the radio, but I’m in California and can’t tune in that way.  In addition, keep this in mind:

Carlos Zambrano‘s night turned out okay (his career, well, that’s a different story but I still love Big Z).

And you know one more thing?  Vin Scully does it:

And if Vin Scully can do it, then it’s fair game.

Finally, if any of us had that much psychic power, we’d have willed Kolten Wong‘s glove to spring a leak on Starlin Castro‘s rocket.  Because honestly, the only superstition that should be addressed here is the Cardinals’ Devil Magic, and even that is just because they have a really annoyingly good team.  Or maybe the one where Cubs fans think that if they just replaced David Ross with Kyle Schwarber, we would all be okay (well, maybe this one’s not completely untrue, but it’s a lot more complicated than that).

I hope Len Kasper keeps a good sense of humor and calls each out of the no-hitter that Jake Arrieta is going to throw this afternoon up until he gives up a hit in, say, the bottom of the second inning.


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