Occasional Cubs Affirmations

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Looks like I’m still not completely used to Pacific Time, which is going to be annoying when I get accustomed to it the day before we have to leave for Chicago (grumble).  Of course, you’ll be seeing this at a more decent hour than I am writing this now.  While I’ve been distracted with fun and family, I have kept up with Chicago Cubs games, and yeah, it’s disappointing that they’re not winning every single one, but whatcha gonna do?  That’s baseball.  Go have a BBQ, it’s summer time.

I’ll have another more involved blog as the Cubs finish up the first slightly-more-than-half, but for now, here are some items you may find interesting…

  • Regarding the poor play down the stretch:

  • Regarding some milestones before the All-Star Break that you may find interesting…

  • That’s after all the complaining, hemming and hawing, bandwagon jumping on-and-offing, and what have you.  The Cubs have still improved, and depending on your point of view, they are overperforming, about where they should be, or totally underachieving.  Hmm!
  • Of course, if you’re disgusted with today’s finale before the break, there are a couple things you could check out…

  • And on Monday, assuming the weather permits…

Enjoy the summer!


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