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All Star Game

The “first half” of the 2015 season is over, and the Chicago Cubs have had an impressive season so far. Despite going 5-5 in their last 10 games heading into the All Star break, Chicago Cubs fans should be very happy with where their team is in the standings. As we head into the break this season, after 87 games the Cubs are seven games over .500 with an impressive record of 47-40. Sure, the Cub let a few games slip away lately, and an argument could be made that they should have a better record, there really should not be much room for complaint. Sure, the team needs some work, perhaps adding another starting pitcher, maybe another bullpen arm and perhaps another bat to add to the slumping lineup. But as far as the record goes, Cubs fans should be happy with what they currently have.

Let’s compare that to the last few years.

Last season at the All Star break the Cubs were and ugly 14 games under .500 with a record of 40-54. That is 14 games under .500 at the break last season, and to better compare, after 87 games the Cubs were 38-49, 11 games under the break even mark.

Does not get much better in 2013, at the break the Cubs were nine games under with a record of 42-51, after 87 games they were 39-48, also nine games under.

Then there is 2012. which was not any better at the break. The Cubs were a pathetic 33-52 as they headed into the All Star Break, after 87 games they were 35-52.

How about 2011. Another disappointing and frustrating season as they went into the break with a record of 37-55. After 87 games, the Cubs were 35-52.

In 2010 the Cubs were 39-50 at the break, after 87 games they were 38-49.

You have to go all the way back to 2009 to see any sense of respectability. Heading in the break. the Cubs were actually at .500 with a record of 43-43. What is better, they won the 87th game of the season to push their record to 44-43. Six years ago was the last time the Cubs were over .500 after 87 games.

Then we have the great season of 2008, the last time Cub fans had anything to be excited about heading into the All Star break. The Cubs had a record of 57-38 at the break. Very impressive record at the “mid point” of the season. After 87 games that year, the Cubs had an impressive record of 52-35.

While things could always be better, and the Cubs could or should have a better record, I am very happy with the current record of our team. They are playing better, than I am sure most imagined they would be. Most would have been satisfied if they had of gone .500 this seasons of disappointing play. Currently, the Cubs are on pace to finish with about 87 wins. That would be a vast improvement over years past, and with a trade here or there, or general better play, the Cubs could finish even better than that.

I am very satisfied with where the Cubs are at this season, especially when you compare them to years past.

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