Goodbye, Edwin Jackson

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As you may recall from before the All-Star Break, I took a look at the impending roster moves as guys come back from the disabled list and, in particular, when Rafael Soriano‘s time would come to be called up per the de facto terms of his midseason deal.  Well, Soriano is indeed coming up after mowing down minor league opponents in his tune up appearances, and the casualty is struggling starter-turned-reliever Edwin Jackson:

I’d like you guys to take a look at my timeline to see all the positive reactions to Edwin Jackson’s tenure as a Chicago Cub despite his many struggles.  Among the highlights:

Despite all the struggles, the boos, the perceived hatred from fans as he worked to get back to even league average form, Edwin Jackson continued to work hard as a player and to keep a positive attitude.  To earn and keep the respect of his teammates in the face of all this adversity is admirable.  We wish him the best in his future, as it sounds like the Cubs will have to pay him his money (and he’s not likely to take a minor league assignment in Iowa to get back to form when some team out there might give him another shot).  As a farewell, Edwin had this to say:

Class act, indeed.  Good luck, sir.


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