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In the face of a rather disappointing stretch of Chicago Cubs baseball, I’ve been okay.  Yeah, the offense is inconsistent.  Yeah, the Cubs could probably use a better bullpen or fifth starter, especially with the Dallas Beeler debacles and the Neil Ramirez gesundheit injury.  But through it all, there have been positives that I would rather dwell on, and in this game, like many others before it, I figured that there was always a chance as long as there were outs left.

The trade deadline is less than a day away as of this writing, and by the time you read this, maybe a few guys get moved, but I am reminded that the Cubs front office has used the past few seasons to build up their options so that they can go any number of ways, and it will still be okay.

Standing pat at the trade deadline isn’t a sign of incompetence, but a choice that can be justified as these young Cubs learn to fend off slumps and start up their winning ways yet again, as they did earlier on in the season.  Here are some other things I’m okay with…

  • I’m okay if the Cubs trade Starlin Castro.  I’m also okay if they keep him around as a positive clubhouse presence (believe it) and so he can do more of this and get hot with the bat again as he has proven he can do.
  • I’m okay if the Cubs stay patient and take advantage of opportunities like this more often.
  • I’m actually okay with the Cubs not trading for Johnny Cueto or David Price, and because there’s time left, I’m okay with waiting until 3 PM Friday, not to mention that there’s the August deadline too.
  • I’m okay with the Cubs being a lot more patient than we as fans are.
  • I’m also okay with the fact that despite the slump, they’re still in the playoff hunt and actually picked up games on all their closest rivals Thursday.

Perhaps I’m being uselessly optimistic or biased or maybe I’m rationalizing a bit.  It beats the alternative, which is allowing negativity to fester in the recesses of my soul.  I’m ok with being positive.  By the way, the Cubs came back to win after a lot of Cubs fans had given up early.  Baseball is beautiful.


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