And here…we…go! (Cubs Trade Deadline Updates Galore)

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First up: Dan Haren!

Looks like the Chicago Cubs will send the Miami Marlins a couple of minor leaguers per multiple sources:

They’ll eventually have names, I’m sure.  Jeff Frisaro says it’s one pitcher and one position guy.  The trade is agreed to per Joel Sherman, pending medicals.  The issue is that because Haren pitched on Thursday, he will not be able to take his turn on Sunday, so someone like Clayton Richard or even Tsuyoshi Wada may have to come up and take the bump.

UPDATE 1:00 PM: Oh, is THAT all?

The Cubs essentially picked up a solid back-of-the-rotation starter who can eat six innings at a time for a small (but not negligible) price.  Ivan Pineyro and Elliot Soto were both Rule 5 eligible this offseason so it made sense to use that pool of players in a relatively minor trade since at least Pineyro was likely to be drafted anyway.  This reduces the amount of clutter on the 40-man roster when the Cubs have to figure their stuff out this winter.

UPDATE 2:46 PM: Looks like the Cubs are making this one official…

So the Marlins actually had to spend money!  Ha!

Now let’s follow this one instead…

Tasty names, too:

UPDATE 1:45 PM: Guess the Cubs may go solo on this one?

There are probably a few guys in the bullpen that could make way for Craig Kimbrel if that’s what the Cubs choose to do, even if it turns out to be an expensive DFA.  As for Tyson Ross, that will likely be the most expensive part of a potential trade.  Nothing comes easy if you want something good.

UPDATE 2:07 PM: And then there’s Alex Wood…?!

Recall that Wood was one of several players brought to the Dodgers in that massive trade involving the Marlins and Atlanta Braves.  Wood wasn’t DFA’d and has another year of control after this one.  Leverage against San Diego in their Tyson Ross/Craig Kimbrel negotiations?  Ken Rosenthal suggests it’s a long shot, and shot it down later.

UPDATE 3:02 PM: Just after the deadline!

It appears that Tommy Hunter will be solid bullpen help, and suggests that the Padres were asking too much because there was no deal between the two clubs.  The price?

Junior Lake was Rule 5 eligible as well and out of options after this year anyway, so this seems like a pretty good trade for the Cubs.  Patrick Mooney says that Theo and Jed are done dealing for the day, so sit back and enjoy the aftermath when I’m done walking the dog…


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