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I’d like to point out a few things about this Chicago Cubs season (which I do every now and then), but first, I’m sure you’ll want to see some highlights from Saturday’s comeback win:

OH MY GAWSH watch out Kyle Schwarber that’s a brick wall!

It’s okay, they came back…(but seriously, don’t reach over the basket, bro)

And then went ahead…here’s Miguel Montero:

…and Jorge Soler tacked on an insurance run, too.  This was a good game even if everyone hates Dan Haren, but y’know what?  We don’t really care.

It was insane how much negativity and doom and gloom we had to contend with in the Cubs blogosphere today.  This team isn’t your father’s Cubs.  It isn’t even last year’s Cubs.  It’s a whole new monster, and if there are outs left, they’re going to use them.  Yes, it’s possible that they won’t catch the Pirates to host the wild card game.  Yes, it is still mathematically possible that the Giants or the Nationals could catch and pass the Cubs for the second wild card spot.  But dwelling on that at this point is defeatist and, frankly, stupid.

Look at the standings.  The Cubs as of right now have 70 wins.  They could lose tomorrow and still enter their three-game set in San Francisco up three games (if you are doom and gloom and assume they’ll lose to the Indians on Monday, too).  At the worst, they leave San Francisco tied for the second wild card.  And that’s, again, assuming the worst (we’ll conveniently forget that the Cubs did sweep the Giants in four games at Wrigley, though).

With this team, right now, you can’t assume the worst will happen because they don’t care about that kind of thinking.  Even if you don’t believe in that #narrative, their play thus far has suggested that they can back up their record and then some.  Even if you don’t buy into the part where Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer, Jason McLeod and the rest of the brains in the Cubs front office have loaded this team with exciting young talent that could be good for years, manager Joe Maddon has somehow coaxed five extra wins over their expected record.

If you choose to dwell on the negative this year, I think you’re doing it wrong.  I will concede that the math dictates that the Cubs could collapse, or lose in the Wild Card game if they make it in, but this level of negativity is the kind that we will have to deal with if the Cubs are eliminated in Game 5 of the NLDS, or Game 7 of the NLCS, or even Game 7 of the World Series (or any game in between).  It’s a stressful way to live.  That’s not fun.  You should be like this kid:

Or these bears:

Take a step back, take a chill pill, and just enjoy the fact that the Cubs are good.  Can we do that?  I mean, look at the team and their highlights.  They’re having fun.  You should too.


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