The NL should Fear Jake Arrieta

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Jake Arrieta cruised to his 21st win of the season and brought his ERA down to 1.82. I mean the guy could have won the game by himself out there. He goes out and throws 6.0 perfect innings and even adds a dinger because you know Jake Arrieta is the man. If I am the Pirates I would be terrified to take him on October 7th under the lights on national television because look at his 2 starts on Sunday Night Baseball. One is a no-hitter against the Dodgers on August 30, and this one was a 1 hit shutout that was a perfect game for 6.0 innings. Jake was facing a red-hot Pirates team who had won 8 straight before Sunday night and Jake limits them to 1 hot through 7.0 scoreless innings. That stat line led to Arrieta’s 18th quality start in a row. I would not want to face Jake in any sort of playoff, let alone a one game playoff which could send you home right away. The only thing making everyone nervous about Jake starting the playoff game is his lack of experience in playoff games, but I would say he performs pretty well under the spotlight when the game means something.

I am no saying Jake is going to go out and throw a 27 K perfect game on October 7th, but I really think with the way he has been pitching and the command he has of all of his pitches makes him a nightmare for teams. I still believe this guy makes one hell of a case for NL Cy Young too, but how dominant Greinke is and that sub 2.00 ERA all season will have a lot of voters sway. Both of these guys have been dominant and both have the ERA to show for it. Jake with 21 Ws and a 1.82 ERA, and Greinke with 18 Ws and a 1.65 ERA. So I mean ya Greinke still has the lower ERA, but not by much now. Let me just rattle of a few categories that each of these guys are top 3. For Arrieta, as of September 28, 2015 at 7:25 AM he leads IP with 223.0, 3rd in Ks with 229, 1st in Ws with 21, 2nd in WAR with an 8.4, and 2nd in WHIP with .88. Greinke obviously has the best ERA in baseball at 1.65, he also has the best WAR for pitchers at 8.7, and Greinke has the best WHIP with .85, he is tied for second with the most Ws at 18.

Looking at all these numbers and stats can make you go crazy and can make the case for either pitcher, but these last few starts are key for these guys because they need to either continue their dominance and prove the deserve the NL Cy Young, or crack under the pressure and finally end their dominant streaks. All I can say is thank you Baltimore Orioles for gifting us the Ace we needed to make a run like this possible.

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