Wake Me Up When September Ends

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The Chicago Cubs won again on the last night of September, marking yet another winning month in a surprising-yet-not-surprising season.

I had to check that, and there’s a technicality, since the Cubs actually ended May with a .500 record, which is not losing, but not winning either…but maybe not losing counts as winning by default, so I say whatever!

Jon Lester recorded nine strikeouts over his eight innings of work, passing Ken Holtzman for the franchise record for the most strikeouts in a season recorded by a left-handed Cubs pitcher.  That sentence sucked, but Jon Lester certainly did not, as the hits and lone run he gave up were pretty much bullshit.  The Cubs, as they are wont to do, had to see the opposing pitcher just once through the order before they unleashed fury.  Austin Jackson, a pretty good pickup by the front office, delivered three run-scoring hits.  Javier Baez played first base because Joe Maddon wanted him to.  And Starlin Castro

Castro started the night with 985 career hits.  He now has 989, and four games to grab the 11 hits he needs for #1000 before the season ends.  He probably won’t do it given the need for matchups and what not, but it’s amazing to see him surge forward with the right attitude and the continued drive after a season-long slump that most of us figured he’d eventually slug his way out of anyway.  At this point, I’m not sure if I want the Cubs to trade Starlin Castro or Javier Baez anymore, even though the possibility is there and they probably need to grab some more pitching.  Why not just keep them around to be matchup/utility guys?  They’ve shown that they are team players, and they are certainly talented and capable.

With those four games left, the Cubs have already won 93 and have a chance to match the 2008 team for season victories.  I think the wild card game will probably be at Pittsburgh, but that doesn’t matter.  Mathematically, the Cubs could still host the play-in game, which would make the viewing party that much more special (and to actually make it happen, since the Cubs decided not to go forward with it).  It would probably vex the neighbors some too, especially after the rooftop lawsuit was dismissed.

Anyway, highlights before Thursday’s getaway game…


Starlin BLASTro amiright?

I hope this fan was able to take it in, too.


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