Starlin “#0haters” Castro

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Anybody that follows the Cubs on the daily know that Starlin Castro is on an absolute tear lately. Since being benched, Starlin has come to life and has adapted to his less involved role. He had to watch a 21 year old take the spot he has ruled over since he got here. Starlin is only 25 too which is the crazy part. He was a starter at SS since the day he was called up. He is always that up and down player the Cubs fandom loved to throw their hate at. Now look at him, Joe Maddon stands up and says that he does not deserve the spot because he is not playing to the level the rest of these guys are, especially Addison Russell. So he had to take a seat, and he did it willingly because he saw what this team could do. He knew that being benched is not a bad thing, he just had to really buckle down on his plate discipline and how he handles himself on the field.

Think about being him and being in a huge slump and then listening to everyone talk about how you are not the same player and how your team wants to trade you. I remember at the deadline someone in his family asked him about the rumors and he said he did not pay attention. I do not blame the guy, I would not either. Tough to hear the team you came up with wants to part ways when you know you can produce. All he had to do was buckle down, take the hardships head on, and play baseball like he knows he can.  He has been a completely different defender since being benched too. He is producing on all cylinders for this team and deserves to wear that jersey every single day.

Another thing to note is how well the team has reacted to him lately too. You may or may not know but Starlin is the basis behind the head rub when the Cubs get on base. The story goes something like Jonathan Herrera told him a joke and he rubbed his head and Herrera did it on base the next day and it stuck. Also look at the team and everyone else in the ballpark clapping and stomping their feet along to his walk up song. Let me tell you, I am the first one up and clapping when that guy gets in the box.

Starlin is 1st in the National League, and 2nd in the MLB, in batting average since September 1st. I mean you cannot argue with stats. The only problem that raises its ugly head is who do you start on October 7th. You have Starlin Castro who has been exceptional in the last month, and in my opinion, deserves to be on the field for the WC game. Others look at him and expect an explosion, I mean I think everyone is on his bandwagon now, but i still see people favoring the likes of Javier Baez. Both have really improved their plate discipline and defense throughout the year. Whoever you start I assume that Joe brings on the other later in the game for fresh legs and a fresh bat, unless the starter has all the team’s RBIs and is really hot against Gerrit Cole.

Starlin Castro is my Cub; ever since I could actually process what baseball was and could hold a meaningful baseball conversation, Starlin was there. #13 will always hold a special place in my heart. It really pains me to think he might be dealt in the offseason. Looking at his trade value from the break and now, they are night and day. He is selling for real high right now and it might handcuff the upper level guys into making a deal with a team for a team necessity. All I can say is I love Starlin Castro and he is absolutely the hottest hitter on this team right now and deserves some sort of important role next Wednesday in the WC game.

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