Now That’s a Whole Lotta W’s

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97 Wins? A Rookie of the Year probable winner (Kris Bryant), a possible Cy Young Winner (Jake Arrieta), and a maybe a Manager of the Year winner (Joe Maddon)? This was one hell of a journey. I have matured over this season with these young guns on this Cubs lineup. This season was so much fun. From all of Miguel Montero‘s crazy hashtags coupled with the young guns who did not seem so young. The hype around this team was amazing and boy did they answer the call. Once the All-Star Break ended this team turned it up to 11 and really gave us fans something to cheer for. I think most of us fans can agree, without Joe Maddon this season might have ended a little differently. Also congrats to Joe Maddon for this pretty awesome feat. Shows how much of a difference he made as the Cubs manager.

Ending the season on an 8 game winning streak was kinda cool too. Even though the Pirates had to be buzz kills and beat down on the Reds in game 162 I am still giddy about Wednesday night’s game. This Cubs team has really set the bar high for the next few years. The Cubs pitchers really turned it up the last 8 days during this winning streak and boy I would hate to be Joe Maddon right now. I cannot even fathom how hard it is for him to put together a line up for Wednesday night. All these guys really turned it on at the right time and put a lot of stress on the guy. I guess that is a good problem to have going into the playoffs right? Every guy is hot at the plate and the defense is really solid too.

Saw this tweet too and really make me question the playoff format. I mean I do not think any people have brought it up but the NL Central was one hell of a division this season. Top 3 with 100 wins, 98 wins, and 97 wins. That is insanity. I mean those records are tops of the big league. The 3 best records in baseball all in the same division. You can take a page out of the NBA’s book with changing the format to having the top 5 records make the playoffs and that brings in top match-ups right? Makes the competition that much better and should bring in more fans.  (Counterpoint: Adam from Obstructed View thinks it’s fine the way it is, all things considered.)

This stat is exactly what I want to see going into the playoffs too. With so many people worried about starting pitching, this should settle you down a bit. I mean I am totally ready for Wednesday night. I just want to thank all the Chicago Cubs for an amazing season and the fans for being at their best throughout the season. Let’s enjoy the ride and hope the ride is a long one.

I’ll leave you with one more stat seeing as though Wednesday’s game will be in Pittsburgh. Chicago or Pittsburgh, I trust in Jake Arrieta.

Also, one last tip of the hat to Dan Haren and Mark Buehrle for a great start today and a happy retirement to two great pitchers.

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