Sights and Sounds From the Final Day of the 2015 MLB Regular Season

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Well folks, this is it.  The Reds are useless, and the Chicago Cubs, despite winning 97 games this season, will start their quest towards the World Series against the Pirates in Pittsburgh.  That’s alright, though, and we’ll still enjoy the Cubs have an ace up their sleeve.


We start with Anthony Rizzo, who’s had an MVP-type season (too bad Bryce Harper is an alien) and got his season total to 101 RBI.  We also had Kris Bryant (who fell short of 100 RBI) do a Derek Jeter impression.  97 wins in a “building” year?  Insanity!

We also had Cole Hamels go the distance to save the Rangers’ bullpen as they won the AL West:

Albert Pujols cranked home run #40 of his season as the Angels were eliminated from the playoffs.

Ichiro Suzuki cementing his Hall of Fame career with his first-ever MLB pitching appearance:

I love that he’s still got the completely rounded cap!

My timeline is full of this. This was awesome.

Jose Altuve got his 200th hit:

Dee Gordon of Miami already had over 200, but this is historic because Altuve became the first Houston Astros player ever to have two 200-hit seasons. Hall of Famer Craig Biggio only had one.
Meanwhile, Atlanta and St. Louis played an otherwise meaningless doubleheader where this happened. The Cardinals dropped both games to end their season with only 100 wins. /sarcasm

As for the other NL Central team, Pittsburgh Pirates slugger (because that’s pretty much all he can do besides play bad defense and strike out a lot) Pedro Alvarez obliterated a baseball:

Jake Arrieta is not one to be messed with even if he has to pitch away from home, so the fact that he obliterated a Pirates fan in kind was pretty awesome:

Oooh sick burn.  Anyway, the season is over, the Phillies have the top draft pick, the Cubs pick #28 (before compensation rules apply), and the field is set.

We already know Jake Arrieta will face Gerrit Cole on Wednesday.  As for the other Wild Card game:

Here’s where you can catch all the action on TV etc.  The matchups are as follows:

American League:

Rangers @ Blue Jays

Wild Card winner @ Royals

National League:

Mets @ Dodgers

Wild Card winner (hopefully Cubs) @ Cardinals

This is gonna be fun.


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