Highlights from the first Cubs postseason win in a while (yes, it counts)

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The Chicago Cubs have won their first postseason game since 2003.  It was a nice game to listen to on the radio (darn lack of cable) but thank goodness for highlights!  It’s too bad they didn’t embed the solid defensive plays, (there were more) but we got the fireworks…

Kyle Schwarber provided most of the spark:

Behold! The bat flip!

A couple innings after Schwarber took the baseball for a swim in the river, Dexter Fowler tacked on:

I guess the Pirates got a bit mad about that, and Jake Arrieta having unintentionally (I think, anyway) plunked a couple hitters (he went the distance!).

With a little help from his friends, of course…


That was silly.  In the end, the Cubs pointed to the scoreboard and are heading to the NLDS against the St. Louis Cardinals.  11 to go…


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