Oh, What a Night

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Well I can honestly say I do not think I took a breath on October 7th without thinking about the game. Naturally I was nervous, but who wasn’t? I mean I am confident with Arrieta on the bump, but still I get weird about these things so I worried.

Well, Jake erased all the worry I had and threw a gem. I could not have asked for a better game than last night. I have so much confidence in this team now more than ever. I would be cheating this guy of a great night if I didn’t mention him, but Dexter Fowler is a force to be reckoned with. He is one scary top of the order guy because he can get on base any way possible. Huge night and contribution from him. Will be interesting to see what happens with him in the offseason when he becomes a free agent, hopefully he stays because I like the guy. To also see the young guy Schwarber come to the game and absolutely tear apart Gerrit Cole made the night amazing. I will go back to something I said previously, and if this team was not managed by Joe Maddon, Schwarber might be at home watching this game. I mean maybe whoever else managed would have brought him up, but with the combined efforts of all the baseball geniuses on this team, they have constructed a monster. A good monster, that looks like it should hold its own throughout the playoffs.

For the rest of the playoffs, nerves will come back and I will question if Kyle Hendricks and Jason Hammel will continue to be on the roll they have been on, but those are problems for the weekend. I could not be more excited to see these Cubs in the playoffs again. I just cannot get over how well this season has gone and how they have not disappointed so far. The 5-game series with the Cardinals is a tough next round, but if they get through St. Louis, I see the Cubs getting to the World Series. The NL Central has been too dominant this year to not have a team represent them in the World Series. I hope that team is the Cubs, but even so, the Cardinals had an outstanding season too.

One thing that did upset me last night was the bench clearing “brawl”. I just think both pitchers had been throwing inside all night and when Jake tried he lost control and hit them. Now I think Jake should have just walked to first and not chirped at the pitcher, but I think it was inevitable with how the game was going. the Pirates needed a spark to get their bats to finally hit the ball into a gap or something, but it flopped. The only thing that came out of the fight was that Sean Rodriguez is totally a Powerade guy. (Yes I stole that from about 100 people on Twitter, but it was funny). I am just happy the Cubs held their composure, sort of, to not throw any punches and not get themselves suspended for the next series. All I can say after the game is the Cubs deserved to win and congrats to the Pirates on a great season, unlucky it ended so early. Does hurt that they got blanked 2 years in a row at home in the Wild Card game though.

And I will leave you with this great picture. Here’s to hopefully more playoff wins and hopefully more champagne.



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