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Well what a good Sunday morning it is. Cubs are tied 1-1 with the Cardinals and they are riding a huge high of winning on the road and coming home to the dominant Jake Arrieta. I could not be more happy. Last nights game was a huge turn in the dominance of this team and could lead to great things. I mean I will admit after Matt Carpenter led off the first with a home run it took all the wind out of my sails. I was quite scared for what was about to come if the first batter starts with a home run. But, low and behold the Cubs persevered and showed us that they can hang with the big boys of St. Louis.

Two things I took away from this game was that I have no idea moving forward who should be in the starting line up. Austin Jackson and Jorge Soler absolutely proved that they need to be in the starting line up because their bats, and speed for Jackson, was what really sparked this team. On the other hand Schwarber is on the bench, and everyone knows what that guy can do.

Ya he can do that every once in a while. Just casually hit balls onto the moon. I just have no idea if I am Joe Maddon what I would do, but obviously none of us vibrate on the same frequency as Joe Maddon. I wish i could but I do not think anyone on this planet does. I am just excited for tomorrow night to see Jake Arrieta pitch, and I assume he will dominate, I mean it could just be me being cocky, but I am pretty sure you need to be cocky with a team like this. I guess you could call it confidence too, great read here from a fellow WSD man.

Well the cherry on top from yesterday was that a bar down from my part of the southside has to give away free beers for every Cubs home run. Hope they loved giving out 3 rounds last night and the Cubs still won. Good Luck McNally’s, hope you do not go out of business with all these solo home runs that have not had a huge impact so far.


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South-side guy who loves the Cubs and has never heard the end of the White Sox winning the 2005 World Series and how its been 100+ years since the Cubs have. Hoping the hardware comes to the North Side sooner rather than later. Follow me on Twitter @DrewPoo92

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