0-2 Does Not Mean That It Is Over

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The Cubs are trailing the Mets 0-2 in the NLCS as all you of most likely know. Now the first two games have been troublesome to watch as a fan. To watch the offense hit balls straight at players and to see the pitchers struggle in the first few innings has not made this a fun league championship series. Now this team had another skid during this season as some of you will recall. Remember that weekend at Wrigley when the Cubs got swept by the worst team in baseball, the Philadelphia Phillies? Got swept in the 3 game set and got no-hit breaking the longest streak of not being no-hit in the MLB? Ya that was a rough time, and when a lot of questions rose about this team and if they had enough to surpass the Pirates and the Cardinals. Fast forward from July to now and look at this team. Since that series the Cubs were 46-20. A .697 winning percentage. Now that is the team we saw from July 26 until October 13 when the NLDS ended. And guess who the Cubs have knocked off so far in the playoffs? The Pirates and the Cardinals.

I am over the moon with how this team has performed. They have enormously surpassed any milestone I set for them on Opening Night back in April. I was hoping for at least a spot in the playoffs, and now they’re in the NLCS and the Final Four of the MLB. So that is pretty darn good. Many thought they were even one year out of the playoffs. So I mean if it ends, it ends on a high note because this team has players that will continue this team’s greatness for season to come. If you call yourself a fan and you are already giving up on this team, then you haven’t watched at all this season or you want them to lose. This team will only go out kicking and screaming and clawing for a spot in the World Series. Ya I bet they’re pretty discouraged after dropping the first two in NY, but this team is young and can fight adversity.

I think this team has not shown what its true capabilities are against this Mets team. I mean it may be rough with the two weaker starters in Kyle Hendricks and Jason Hammel going in Games 3 and 4 respectively, but I mean both of them delivered despite a few first inning runs. Hammel fought back and started a comeback with his RBI in Game 5 and Hendricks dealt after giving up a lead-off home run to Matt Carpenter. I think this team will be fine and take at least 2 at Wrigley if not all 3 because all these guys flourish at home vs. on the road. I think nerves aside, Wrigley will comfort them and bring this series back to where it should be at even. Well I guess we wait until Tuesday to see if this team really can fight back and knock out these hot hitting Mets. Lets hope so because I am not ready for this season to end.

Lets get some Ws at home and bring back some hope to the North-Siders. All about one game winning streaks from here on out are the wise words of our guy Joe Maddon. Also one quick shout-out to Anthony Rizzo for #Respect90 in New York and not giving up in the top of the ninth. Got a lot of love from some guys here.


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