I Will Always Remember the 2015 Cubs

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The 2015 season has been one of the greatest ones in my short life time. I have enjoyed seeing the Cubs win 97 games, I have seen rookies take over the North Side, I have seen a second half like no other from Cy Young contending pitcher Jake Arrieta, and of course I became a part of the WSD team. This season has been special because of all the hype around this team. With the bringing in of Jon Lester and Joe Maddon and the rookie phenom of Kris Bryant and along the way Addison Russell and Kyle Schwarber. This team has turned heads all season and frankly I am upset at the way they went out. I mean on paper they should be evenly matched with this Mets team, but their offense never attended the NLCS. The scarce solo shots did not hold their heads above the water with Daniel Murphy hitting 3R HR just about every time he was up. I just think this team was destined for something. Sure in the preseason I never would have imagined they would be in the NLCS. Also if you told me they knocked off the Cardinals and the Pirates along the way I would doubt you, but look at them, they achieved these things. One small step at a time. They buckled down and faced their division counterparts head on and took them down. The Mets just seemed to be on a tear and Daniel Murphy did not slow down, the man hit a HR in every game of the NLCS. MVP status right there. For a guy the Mets do not even want to bring back next year, that is something special.

I just want to take some time to reflect on this Cinderella season and how fun of a ride it was. This summer was one of the greatest because of how well the Cubs performed. It made every day that much better that they kept competing and they were beating teams they usually struggled against. This season really shaped up to be one that was something to write home about. The 2015 Cubs are the real deal and their coming for your team. I think there are a lot of moves to be made in the offseason especially with starting pitching. I think their lack of depth in the starting position really counted them out after Game 2. I mean Kyle Hendricks and Jason Hammel proved to be worthy at the end of the season, but really faltered to the pressure of these playoffs. I heard tonight that they were thinking about transitioning Travis Wood back into a starting role and I do not know if that is true or not, but I would not mind it. I mean the guy pitched well I believe after being placed in the bullpen. Would like him to stay there as a sort of middle reliever, but the guys upstairs will make the right moves in the end. I think there are some good guys the Cubs can come out and sign to strengthen their pitching rotation and make it one that should be feared. I think offensively and defensively this team is sound. If you look outside of the horrible Games 3 and 4 of the NLCS and how poor their defense was this team is not so bad defensively. They made some rookie mistakes here and there throughout the season, but really held it down I think. I think losing Addison Russell in the NLDS proved to be a lot more serious than they thought. I do not know what impact he would have had offensively, but I know his glove could have saved some of the bonehead errors made at the SS position.

I think this team grieves over this loss for a while, but gets back on the horse because the 2016 season may prove to be just as fantastic. This team is destined to get back to the playoffs. For being predicted to finish at about .500 this year, they seemed to have exceeded some people’s expectations. Now I do not care if you hate the Cubs with everything in your body, you have to admit this team is special and is going to be a force in the MLB for seasons to come. If you cannot admit that then you do not see this teams’ talent. The teams in these playoffs may prove to be the same for the next couple of season unless Washington finally gets over the hump of just missing out, and 2016 is an even year, so you know the Giants are going to make a run. So I think looking back at this 2015 season I have a plethora of great memories. From the Head rubs to the #wearegood trend to just loving to watch the Cubs day in and day out. This season will hold a special place in my heart for the years to come. This team has taken me on an emotional journey, they made watching baseball fun, they got the fans on board with their humor and young talent. I think this team will do special things in the years to come. Watch out for the Cubs, because they will come back next year hungry for the playoffs again and ready to prove all of their haters wrong. So thank you all for the amazing 2015 season and I hope it was one that you will remember. Thank you Joe Maddon, Theo Epstein, Tom Ricketts, and all my Cub players for a journey that I will never forget. #wearegood

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