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I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a bias in this year’s World Series, especially after the Cubs’ season ended.  I’m still happy with the season overall, but I’m a tad annoyed with the way it ended, y’know?  So I was particularly satisfied with the result of Game 3…especially with a Daniel Murphy fail:

Then the Royals got a few runs as I cackled heartily:

Mike Moustakas was everywhere tonight. We don’t know what Yoenis Cespedes was doing here:

We do, however, know what he was thinking:

I guess he thought wrong.  Any other year, I’d probably be okay with the Mets bring home the crown…but not this year.  This year, I’m pretty happy with the way this has gone.  So far.  Well aware that the Mets could still come back to win this thing, but right now, I’m smiling as a vengeful Cubs fan.  Given the way the NLCS went with all the Cubs’ line drives finding gloves, I think you’ll forgive me a bit of schadenfreude.


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