It’s Nice When Everyone Else Also Thinks the Cubs Are Good (UPDATE: 3-for-3)

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In between waiting for news of the Chicago Cubs preparing to negotiate a monster TV deal, wondering if this job with the Cubs is worth applying for, and watching the trade and free agent markets, let’s not forget that the Cubs have been making headlines in the trophy case.  Unfortunately it’s not the big trophy we all want right now, but baby steps!

First up, Kris Bryant won the NL Rookie of the Year Award on Monday.  I did expect him to win, but I wasn’t actually expecting a unanimous vote.  Bryant was, however, statistically and hype-wise, the best rookie in the majors.  That separation between Bryant and the rest of the field obviously contributed to his unanimous selection.

On Tuesday night, Joe Maddon won the NL Manager of the Year Award by a comfortable margin over Cardinals manager Mike Matheny and Mets manager Terry Collins.  It’s been written about all kinds by now, but I had an observation:

And yes, the Mets did defeat the Cubs in the NLCS, but the award was voted on prior to the postseason.  I think the combination of a much higher-than-expected win total plus the burden of having to play in the best division in the league (and arguably the majors) was the trump card for Maddon.

We’ll have to wait for the results Wednesday to see if Jake Arrieta can win the NL Cy Young, but I think he’s got a pretty good shot, even though I believe the voting will be very close.  It’ll be a nice treat to take into the Thanksgiving break as we wait for the Winter Meetings and the hot stove to really heat up again.

UPDATE 5:51 PM: We have our winner (finally after a lot of hot air):

Nah just kidding…

There was no wrong choice this year, but I’m glad they made the right choice. 3-for-3!


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