Countdown to 2016!

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I decided to check in on the Wrigley Field renovations, and oh my goodness are they going to town:

As of Thursday, 11/
As of Thursday, 11/19…wow.

I’m guessing they have to tear it all down to reinforce the support beams and to replace the worn-down panels and chain link fences.

In other news, you can buy Cubs tickets now:

They’re the bundle packages, where you have to buy 6 and 12 games at a time, but even with the price hike the cost isn’t too bad, and at the very least it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than whatever Anno will have to spend for his season tickets.  I still haven’t seen when the Cubs are reporting to Arizona for spring training, but I’m going to assume it’ll be close to when the Reds report:

That’s about 92 days from now, give or take a few hours.  As for the regular season?  Well, by the time it hits, maybe fans will be better protected from flying objects:

And the very first game of the regular season will feature the two teams that finished with a better record than the Cubs last season:

Something to look forward to!


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