Ben Zobrist Choosing the Cubs

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In the wake of the Jon Lackey signing, the Chicago Cubs appear to have dipped into the free agent pool again:

Ben Zobrist is on the older side, and is not as versatile as he once was, but the on-base skills, power and switch-hitting are all pluses.  Despite his age, I don’t think he’ll fall off a cliff anytime soon, although he may not be able to play the up-the-middle positions as well as he used to, not to mention the fact that for the time being, all the corner spots are spoken for.  This has coincided with a slew of Javier Baez and Starlin Castro rumors, as Theo Epstein himself suggested that the club was trying to sync up this free agent acquisition with a trade (most likely for pitching or a center fielder):

I believe this signing, when official, and the Lackey contract pretty much take the Cubs out of the running for Jason Heyward, barring something spectacular happening in the form of salary-dump trades.  This means the center fielder will most likely have to come from another avenue.  In the meantime, it seems the Cubs are stuck with Zobrist for at least three years (they pretty much figured that with the length of the contract anyway):

The deal is pretty creative too, and there might just be enough room left over in the budget to squeeze in another creative contract for Heyward…maybe.

Overall, this is a splendid deal for an older but still should-be-productive player who can lead off and play multiple positions adequately.


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