Cubs Trade Castro to the Yankees

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With the signing of Ben Zobrist you knew that there was another move to be made to clear room, and the Chicago Cubs wasted no time in making one. Starlin Castro has been traded to the New York Yankees.

In exchange the Cubs will receive pitcher Adam Warren.


I for one will miss Castro on the northside, and even though his stock has fallen with Cub fans, he was always a favorite of mine. He had one of his worst seasons of his career last year and wound up getting bench and replaced by Addison Russell at shortstop before taking over second base for the stretch run and the playoffs.

He had his moments, but never seemed to capture and hold onto his full potential. He arrived with a bang in his first career game, but his roller coaster offensive abilities and his lack luster defense made him a headache for many fans.

Unfortunately, the Cubs must have lost all faith in Castro, as this appears to be nothing more than a salary dump. The Yankees will assume all money owed to Castro, and are only sending over Warren and a Player To Be Named Later who was named almost immediately. Brandon Ryan will also come back to the Cubs in this deal.


I am not sure this was a good deal, as I think they could have gotten more back for him than they did. But I am not general manager.

With the trade of Castro, second base now belongs to Zobrist.

UPDATE 12/23: Brendan Ryan’s days as a Cub are over…

That makes this trade a straight Starlin-for-Warren trade with Yankees taking on all the salary minus Ryan’s option and the value of his roster spot on the Yankees. Hmm.


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