Santa Delivers For the Cubs

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After the Cubs were able to successfully execute Plan A, and avoided too much butthurt, it’s safe to agree with our friend there.  Santa Claus has seemingly put the Chicago Cubs on the nice list, and while we won’t know whether we’ll get the BIG present until next October (or November) sometime, it does look really good and most of us, in turn, are feeling good about the Cubs and ourselves.  It’s nice to have a rich uncle give the front office plenty of resources to buy all the gifts, unlike certain other less fortunate teams.  And with the Target gift cards, the Cubs were able to get themselves better pitching and a couple of batters to surround the young core.  How about that?

And now, just like our own Christmases, the Cubs can see what lies under the tree, find out what our friends got, and then use the Target gift cards from less creative (but still resource-rich) relatives to buy some other stuff.  So yes, the Cubs will see what the other 29 teams do this remaining offseason and then adjust accordingly, because while they could use a few improvements, I think it’s safe to say that most of us are confident that they could stand pat and still be okay.

In the meantime, we await the 2016 Cubs Convention, and we celebrate this relaxing time with our friends and family.  Enjoy yourselves and we’ll see you after the feast.

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