The 2016 Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees

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Guess it’s just two guys after all the hubbub this winter with the Hall of Fame voting:

I like Enrique Rojas because he helped me learn more Spanish than I would’ve thought.  Ken Griffey Jr. also set a record for voting percentage:

He had a really good chance of being unanimous, but I figure the 3 out of 440 who left him off their ballots had good reasons.

Former Cub Jim Edmonds is one-and-done.  I’m pretty sure Tim Raines and Jeff Bagwell get in next year, and other guys took a jump as well.  Sammy Sosa stays on the ballot for another day, but holdovers Mark McGwire and former Cubs coach Alan Trammell are done.  Maybe Mike Piazza getting in, and Bagwell getting so close, will help some of the ZOMFG-STEROIDZ guys change their minds about guys like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.

The ballot will swell again next year as other superstars are added to the mix, so this will be fun for years to come.


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