Stuff to ask Tom Ricketts at the Cubs Convention

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It’s almost time for one of the most fun Chicago Cubs fan experiences since the team won the 1908 World Series!  That’s right, the Cubs Convention starts on Friday night, and team WSD will be in attendance (some of us hoping that certain radio personalities won’t be) to party, drink, and listen in on news that you’ll find out on Twitter a few seconds later anyway.  I’m sure you have questions for the Cubs brass and coaches and players and maybe even Tom Ricketts himself.  So I took the liberty of compiling a few that will likely be asked by someone else, in manners that may irk us even though we wanted to know anyway…

What did you guys do with Kyle Schwarber‘s baseball?

As you know, among the many highlights in the 2015 Cubs season, Kyle Schwarber took a baseball on a long ride to rest atop the right field scoreboard, where it remained for a while as a stadium souvenir.  Well, now it’s gone, and the people in charge won’t divulge its current location.  It’s not stolen if that’s what you’re afraid of; the Cubs just took it down and have it for safe-keeping somewhere.  Will they give it back to Schwarber?  Will they stick it in a new Cubs Hall of Fame gallery?  Is it going to be one of the mystery gifts during Cubs BINGO?  I guess we’ll find out!

What exactly is Ryne Sandberg supposed to be doing as a new Cubs ambassador?

I’m guessing that this will take more than a weekend to hammer out, but it’s nice to see a Cubs Hall of Famer come back to work with the organization that put him on the map.  Or is it the other way around?  I’m not sure what an ambassador for a baseball team does other than random charity and photo ops, but this is something to keep an eye on.

What is the new Rickettsville gonna look like?

It appears that the Cubs have purchased more rooftops, and now own nine rooftop properties outright while partnering with a tenth property to form the new conglomerate.  You may notice that the rooftops that aren’t shaded blue are conveniently blocked by the two large video boards.  So now that the Cubs almost have a monopoly on the rooftops product, what will they end up doing with the buildings?  Will they update the bleachers on each rooftop so they don’t look so ghetto?  Will they allow bridges across from the bleachers to each affiliate rooftop?  I’m sure the neighbors will be annoyed with the sky-bridge idea but I think it’d be cool.

I also don’t know what’s going to happen to the residents within those rooftops, but that much real estate leaves a lot of opportunity to turn Wrigleyville into something more family friendly in the immediate area of the ballpark.

When are you going to actually extend Theo Epstein?

They’re apparently not in a big rush, but given how important Theo Epstein has been to the franchise turnaround, you will forgive me if I’m a bit anxious about this.  The announcement will likely not be this weekend, and everyone in the organization these days is good about keeping mum on these subjects, but maybe we can get a few clues during the Q&A.

What does Sammy Sosa have to do to get invited back?

This is something at least one of us will ask each year, and each year, Tom Ricketts gives a really wishy-washy answer that ends up pissing me off.  The most recent radio interview was no different.

“For me, Sammy’s a great person, he was a great player, obviously one of my favorite players for many years as a Cub, but I just feel like there are certain things that over time should happen before players are welcomed back,” Ricketts said in an interview on “Inside the Clubhouse” on 670 The Score on Saturday morning. “I’d just like to see — not just talking about Sammy — I’d like to see all of baseball kind of shine some light on everything that happened or didn’t happen. I think that would bring more closure.

“But for the time being, I think we’ll just leave things (with Sosa) as they are.”

So I guess until Sammy decides to say that, yes, he took steroids every day and corked every single bat and was responsible for the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa despite being just a kid then, we’ll just have to keep waiting.  I’d like Tom Ricketts to outline the exact details of what Sammy has to do, though.  I personally think it’s a bit ridiculous.

What other questions would you ask?  We’ll see you there!


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