Just 14 More Days

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This might be one of the longest offseasons that I can remember, despite one of the shortest in recent memory. The offseason started with a bang as three members of the Chicago Cubs won awards. Kris Bryant won the Rookie of the Year award. Joe Maddon won the National League Manager of the Year award and Jake Arrieta won the National League Cy Young. The CSloan Parkubs then dipped into free agency and signed John Lackey as well as Jason Heyward and a player Maddon is very familiar with Ben Zobrist. What is more, they traded away Starlin Castro. The Cubs have been very busy, yet this offseason still seems to drag on and on because I cannot wait for Spring Training to start up.

Sure we have had the Chicago Blackhawks to keep us entertained, but baseball is king in my world. I love hockey, football (thanks for nothing Bears) and basketball is okay, but nothing in the sporting world is better than baseball.

A good (but temporary) distraction was the Cubs Convention where we learned a lot about what the future holds all while also having fun with the former players. This was an amazing weekend, but all that did was wet my appetite for the Cubs to start the 2016 all the more.

The 2015 season was amazing for a number of reasons and the 2016 season holds nothing but promise. I have never been more anxious to see the start of a season in my life. Not even when the 2004 season was in front of us. Five outs from the World Series and they added Greg Maddux? Wow, how could you not be excited. Even more so than 2009 coming off back to back Division Championships. Last season was magical watching these kids grow up and mature before our eyes, and they are only going to get better. The Cubs rebuilt this losing franchise into one that actually gives hope for the present and the future and at the same time have also retooled.

They were the third best team in all of baseball last season, and actually improved by taking the best team’s two best players in Lackey and Heyward.

Yeah. Saying that I am excited just does not seem to do what I am feeling justice. The Cubs pitchers and catchers will report in just 14 days. These two weeks cannot go fast enough.

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