The Lull Before the Action Picks Up

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There isn’t much news to write about Cubs-wise these days, given that the team has pretty much set itself up weeks in advance of spring training.  I guess all we have to wait for is whether another team signs Dexter Fowler, or if it still makes sense to bring him back.  There are rumblings that the Baltimore Orioles might be interested, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, we wait.  And since I’m bored, I thought I’d just look through the Cubs’ video archives.  In addition to all the offseason outlook videos and the highlights that I’m sure we’ve seen a thousand times already, there was this video showing the various charities the Chicago Cubs and Cubs players were involved in during 2015.

In between all the various charities run by players, and even former players, the video showed a lot of Starlin Castro, who was traded to the New York Yankees and who is missed by many Cubs fans.  I did like how well Clark the Cub handled himself on the baseball field…that is one nimble mascot.  And I was reminded of the head-shaving event that Joe Maddon did during a spring training date, and we may see another event like this over the next few weeks before the regular season begins.

As the players slowly trickle over to Arizona, hopefully we get a bit more news to tide us over before baseball returns and takes over our lives for the next chunk of the year.


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