The Most Interesting Man in Baseball

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Pretty sure you’ve all seen this in some form or another, but:

Enter baseball’s Winston Wolf (“Pulp Fiction” reference). Theo Epstein solves historic problems. He was the architect who put The Curse and Bill Buckner into the past in Boston.

They [the Cubs] are a big-market monster again. They will do what they have to in July. They are the story of the season, so to represent the organization — Maddon and Heyward, Jake Arrieta and Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant and Lester — Epstein is Hardball’s Most Interesting Person in Baseball heading into 2016.

I guess I can’t argue with that.  Plus I wanted to show off my pathetic Photoshop skills.  Probably also broke a few trademark or copyright laws, but I doubt they’ll audit me.

If you’re interested in other outside opinions on how awesome the Cubs are, the Boston Globe also ranked manager Joe Maddon the top manager in baseball.


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