With Dexter Fowler signed, Chicago Cubs get a modest bump in their bonus pool

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Last time, on Cubs Trek, the Next Generation:

According to BA’s account of the bonus pools, the Cubs only get $2,245,100 to spend in the Rule 4 draft, and $2,063,100 for international free agents.  This is a total of $4,308,200 to acquire talent to keep the pipeline flowing.

Tonight, the Baltimore Orioles restructured a deal with Yovani Gallardo after some issues with his shoulder.  That draft pick doesn’t affect the Cubs any, but for a bit I thought that it might scuttle the rumored Dexter Fowler signing as well.  That appeared to be an unnecessary worry as the Orioles also agreed with Fowler on a three-year deal worth $33MM.  I’ll update once the O’s make the deals official, but the confirmations right now are at least comforting even if Baltimore is notorious about scuttling deals because of goofy physicals.

This does mean that the Cubs grab their second round pick back, as the Fowler signing gave the Cubs a compensatory pick in between the first and second rounds.  Of course, the Cubs dropped the first round pick when they signed John Lackey, and now the compensatory pick goes poof because of the Jason Heyward signing.  Therefore we don’t really have to pay attention to the Cubs’ draft (other than all the juicy names they DON’T get to draft) until the tail end of the second round.

That’s not too much to spend, and still ranks among the smallest pools for this year’s draft, but this front office is pretty good at stretching money.  Given this year’s goals, it doesn’t much matter, and the Cubs are probably going to pool some money to extend Theo Epstein anyway.


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