What’s your problem, Florida?

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Once upon a time, New York Mets outfielder and frequent exhibitor of fine automobiles, Yoenis Cespedes, bought a pig.  Unfortunately, apparently he didn’t get to keep the pig:

The whole statement reads:

Mets issue quasi-official statement on Yoenis Cespedes sending grand-champion hog to the butcher: “The animal can’t be taken home as a pet. There is some sort of state law here in Florida that a hog bought at auction must be slaughtered. So, it’s not really Yoenis’ decision. It just the rule. The pig is not a pet.”

We initially thought after the Deadspin story that Cespedes was just going to barbecue the pig (random reference to the great guys at Cespedes Family BBQ), but Adam Rubin’s tweet suggests that Florida is actually making Cespedes have the pig slaughtered due to the stupid state law.

This is terrible news for the pig, but I guess if he had just paid $7000 for a pig, Cespedes should at least be allowed to BBQ it, right?

UPDATE 8:30 PM: OF COURSE the PETA people would weigh in!

“Yoenis Cespedes can afford $7,000 out of his own pocket, and this loving, loyal and clever pig is paying the real price with his life,” said the statement from PETA senior vice president Lisa Lange. “It’s a shame that Cespedes dropped the ball here and missed the opportunity to send this pig to a sanctuary, where he could have lived out his days in peace.

“We’re sending Cespedes some delicious vegan bacon in the hope that he’ll open his heart, not clog it with pig fat.”

I have no idea if this is Florida’s fault or if Cespedes just wanted bacon, but it’s his pig, right?  Also, vegan bacon (heck, vegan anything) is kinda horrible in my experience.

Appropriate send-off gif:


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