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Yeah, we haven’t seen the Cubs W flag for a while, but this is, after all, still spring when wins and losses don’t matter as much as performance and health.  We’ve seen a few awesome individual performances on offense and defense, and for the most part the pitching has held up well.  On the health front, it seems that everyone is fine for the most part.  Then again, we have a few minor tweaks to deal with…

First, the guys who were hurt before:

Albert Almora, pulled out of drills Wednesday because of back spasms, was doing better and the injury was not a concern. Tommy La Stella was being held out of games as a precautionary measure as he nurses a strained right calf.

Outfielders Matt Murton (appendicitis) and Matt Szczur (strained lat) were both improving, Maddon said.

The annoyance of spring training lasting so long also serves as a blessing since it gives guys time to just sit and relax to heal properly, since winning games isn’t a pressing matter.  So far, the bulk of the projected Opening Day roster is fine.  We do have to keep an eye on Kyle Schwarber, who tweaked his knee during Thursday’s game:

“I definitely feel I’ve been balancing the work pretty well,” Schwarber said. “It just happens. It’s part of the game. I have to let it rest a little bit and then get back in the mix of things.”

He wasn’t too concerned, and he will be re-examined on Friday.

“I don’t think it’ll be significant,” he said. “Hopefully a couple days and I’ll be back out there again.”

We have an update on that, and while Schwarber can probably rehab and still work out etc., he may sit out of games for a while:

Again, a precaution in spring.  We’ll wait to see what happens, but so far nobody has had super-bad oblique or hamstring injuries.  Let’s keep knocking on wood for the Cubs’ continued health.  In the meantime, let’s freak out about Civil War:

From Gizmodo!
From Gizmodo!


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