The Ballad of the Butthurt BFIB

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You may recall this offseason that the Chicago Cubs were able to lure two free agents away from their main rival, the St. Louis Cardinals.  First, it was John Lackey early on in the offseason.  Then, the Cubs landed the coup of the offseason as they got Jason Heyward to sign.  So naturally, we would expect a bit of discomfort coming from Missoura.


Now that was kind of a convenient excuse to use the GIF, and as many fans (especially Cubs fans) are wont to do, the Cardinals fans, or the Best Fans In Baseball as they are sometimes called, are very easy targets even when they are very good at baseball (which they often are, much to our chagrin).  So there’s a huge feeling of regional satisfaction when a team like, say, the 2015 Cubs defeats them in a major postseason series.  And of course, we expect a bit of back-and-forth (1908 goat blah blah) between the fan bases even in defeat.  The Cubs have kept the proper perspective in all this, knowing that they were just a third-place team (albeit in the best division in baseball last season) and knowing they still have work to do.  While we’ve rejoiced in the Cubs’ success, we’ve also kept our proper perspective in terms of our dialogue with the BFIB.

ThisIsFineIt is very difficult to ignore the bantering when the players on the other side continue to give us fodder in the form of quotables.  For example, as passed along by Michael Cerami over at Bleacher Nation, the Cardinals have some rather defensive thoughts about all the attention the Cubs have been getting.  It’s no secret that the Cubs are REALLY good on paper (their practice game record notwithstanding), and they are a popular bet to win the division, the National League pennant, and possibly the World Series.  We as fans are keeping our expectations in check, but it would be foolish not to recognize how good the Cubs can be.  I think I can forgive some of those quotes because players have to show that they fear nothing and they have a job to do even if the projections aren’t kind to them.  I can respect that.  So when the Cardinals have been all dog-in-a-fire about the Cubs ever since Lackey and Heyward jumped ship, it’s understandable.

Then again, when the BFIB have seemingly infiltrated the upper echelons of government, it almost screams for ridicule:

10.210. The St. Louis Cardinals, which can trace its history in Missouri back to 1882, are selected for and shall be known as the official baseball team of the state of Missouri.

As you may or may not recall, the OTHER Missouri team, the Kansas City Royals, won the World Series.  While the Royals are an expansion team (having been in existence since 1969), and a perennial laughingstock between their memorable 1985 World Series win (against the Cardinals) and the past two seasons, they have had slightly more success recently than their cross-state brethren.  Apparently this is the second reading of the bill, so it’d be funny to know how long ago the first reading was…might it have been after the clincher?  Hmm!

Anyway, just a bit of amusement for Wednesday night.


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