Hope Abounds As Opening Day Arrives

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We are now mere HOURS away from the Chicago Cubs season opener against the Angels, who reside in Anaheim of Los Angeles or whatever they call themselves these days.  By now, many of you have read through multiple season previews, including the ones Andy wrote up.  You also know how bullish just about everyone, including us, are about the Cubs’ chances this year.  In case you missed them, here are the standings as Andy projected:

National League Central Division

First place: Chicago Cubs
Second place: Pittsburgh Pirates
Third place: St. Louis Cardinals
Fourth place: Milwaukee Brewers
Fifth place: Cincinnati Reds

I’m sure we’ll all be labeled homers for this pick, and of course we have certain fanbases not too happy about all the attention being heaped on the Cubs, but this is what we’ve been building up to for a long time coming.  The Cubs were good last year, are good on paper this year, and most likely sustainably so for at least the next several seasons.  This is a wonderful time to be a Cubs fan, even if some analysts are wondering how things can go wrong (points that Andy already talked about in his preview).  There are also many folks picking against the Cubs for many reasons, including the even-year-voodoo of the San Francisco Giants.

I choose to ignore all that and focus on all the positives.  The Cubs have a lot of good things going for them, including a front office seemingly devoid of idiots, an ownership that is committed to the team and the city (and anyone who pisses off Donald Trump probably deserves SOME kudos), and a merry group of excellent baseball coaches and players who genuinely enjoy being Cubs.

I want to see a fun season.  I wanted Cubs baseball to come back, and now it’s here.  The brain trust has put together the best product they can.  Now I’ll just sit back and reap the benefits.


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