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The Chicago Cubs dropped the series against the Colorado Rockies Sunday afternoon, but life will go on and we will continue enjoying baseball.  Do you know why?  Because this team continues to be fun to watch, continues to be a threat all the way through to the 25th man, and continues to lead the National League Central by a couple games before having to face the team immediately behind them in the standings.  It’s gonna be OK, guys.

Since I refuse to get too down less than 8% into this season, we’re going to have some fun.  This is a suggestion by a fan on our Facebook page:

It's a good idea IMO.
It’s a good idea IMO.

Now there isn’t much room to work with up there, and it might be slow going to transport fans from the right field bleachers up to the top of the video board, but this could work.  Let’s see what it would look like:

Kiss the chef.
Kiss the chef.

I can totally get behind this idea, especially since Kyle Schwarber is going to stick around and be part of the game prep.  He’d get a much better view than the guys on the rooftops behind the video board, anyway!


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