G-Pa Rossy Going Out in Style

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Photo: Chicago Sun-Times

Last night was one to remember.

Of course all the headlines will deservedly so be about Jake Arrieta. Last night he threw his second no hitter in his last 11 regular season starts. In fact, he is 20-1 in his last 24 starts with the lone loss coming when Cole Hamels no hit the Chicago Cubs.

But another man who will never forget last night is David Ross.

As everyone knows, Ross is set to retire at the end of the season, and he is doing all he can to go out with a bang.

Speaking of bangs, last night Ross hit his second home run as a member of the Cubs, but his first as a catcher with the Cubs. If you remember, his lone homer last year came when Ross was technically the pitcher. I am not sure how many Major League players have hit a home run as both a pitcher and a catcher but he is sure to be in a very elite class.

Ross also has a good night at the plate. He got a hit and went first to third on an Arrieta single, then he drew a walk and again went first to third on another Arrieta single. Never thought I would say that Ross went from first to third once in a game, let alone twice. Then of course he had his big CUBomb.

While he had a great game himself (which included picking a guy off first) his efforts with the bat will not be why he remembers the game forever. Last night was the very first no hitter that he caught.

Last week, on his weekly appearance with Speigel and Goff on the Cubs flagship WSCR, he said catching a no-hitter was something he had never done in his career, and something he had hoped to do before he retired. Since he normally only catches Jon Lester, Ross said Lester had to pick up his game.

Going into last night’s game the Cincinnati Reds had the longest active streak of not getting no hit. Then the met Arrieta and he made Ross’s dream come true. During the celebration Ross and Arrieta embraced each other and Ross was clearly saying “thank you” over and over.

If you want to get choked up even more, Arrieta sent a special text to his wife after the game saying “this one was for Rossy”. He was a man on a mission, and gave Ross the one thing he was lacking.


What is the new last thing on his career bucket list? Winning a second ring with the Chicago Cubs.

Photo: ESPN


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