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Unless you have been living under a rock the past several months, you would know that Chicago Cubs Ace Jake Arrieta is on an unbelievable run. He is as close to unhittable as a pitcher can get, and that is saying something since he has thrown two no hitters in his past 12 starts, has not lost a game since the end of last June. However, instead of talking about how dominant he has been, you have clowns insinuating that Arrieta is using performance enhancers to improve his game.

First is the son of former Chicago White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen, Ozzie Guillen Jr. making alligations against Arrieta

Then you have ESPN’s own Stephen A. Smith implying the same thing.

To which Arrieta responded

Look, I understand. Smith is just “doing his job” as an “analyst” for ESPN. As far as Guillen goes, he is just trying to keep his name somewhat in the spotlight and out of the shadow of his father. But this is getting ridiculous.

I also understand that in this day and age “everyone is a suspect” and such drastic turnarounds are unusual. But to immediately throw out the implication that he is using PEDs is nothing short of assfoolery and unprofessional.

Look at his career, he is not throwing any harder than he did when he was a prospect for the Baltimore Orioles. The difference is, that since coming to the Cubs from the O’s he was allowed to go back to pitching the way he was most comfortable. His command has improved and he has figured out how to improve his movement. I am no doctor, but I do not believe any PEDs can help you with command or movement. Sure, his body looks vastly different, but not to the cartoonish nature that Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds and others transformed into. His is a more natural look, something that can easily be done with a normal workout routine.


However, people are more concerned with how his performance has improved over the years and how that is “unnatural”. Well, let’s look at a few other pitchers who had “unnatural” improvement after years of average performance.

Sandy Koufax: His first five years he was 36-40, with an ERA of 4.10, a WHIP of 1.428. His last six? 129-47, ERA of 2.19, WHIP of .970

What ya think Stevie? PED use? Or is he different?

How about Zack Greinke? His first five years he was 34-45, an ERA of 4.28, WHIP of 4.28. Then, he had a Cy Young winning year. Counting that Cy Young winning year, his next eight saw drastic improvement. A 110-50 record, ERA of 2.99, WHIP of 1.121.

Come on Stevie… that has to be PED use as well right? Or is he again different?

Remember Randy Johnson? First five years, respectable 49-48, ERA of 3.95 and a WHIP of 1.428. Then he took off, just like Koufax, Greinke and Arrieta. He dominated for 11 years with a record of 254-118, ERA of 3.13 and WHIP of 1.108. He became one of the most feared left handed pitchers in the game after a mediocre start.

This has got to be because of PEDs as well right? No? Hmmmm, I wonder why you are focusing in on Arrieta. Could there maybe be some bias here? Surely you, a sports “analyst” for ESPN must have known about these other pitchers who had an amazing turn around mid career. If not, you are pretty bad at your job, which is something most everyone knows already.

But of course you are the same “man” who pretty much said Ray Rice’s wife deserved what she got when he knocked her out in an elevator because she might have “provoked it”, so I am not sure why I am giving you any attention for anything you say.

But keep spewing your bullshit, that seems to be the only thing you are truly good at. If you want to make accusations about an athlete, be man enough to not tiptoe around what you so desperately want to say.

At least we have David Ross to keep things light.

Ross and PEDs…. hmmmmm he did hit his second homerun this season and we are still in April. He had one all of last year.

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