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Every so often, even powerful juggernaut type teams will sputter.  I guess the best news for today’s game is that the Chicago Cubs fought back, generally played well except for a bad hiccup in one inning, and had a chance to win in their last at-bat if not for a suboptimal launch angle and probably the wind.  Life will go on, even if the Cubs are currently 0-for-May.

In the meantime, since all the National League Central teams have finished play for the day, let’s check this out:

As of close of NL Central play on May 1.
As of close of NL Central play on May 1.

Note that the Cubs have played .700 ball in their last 10, and have been better over the 2016 season thus far, with their 17-6 record giving them the best record in MLB by percentage.  They will still leave Pittsburgh guaranteed to share the division lead with the Pirates no matter what happens, and destiny is in their own hands.  This is a good position to be in.

John Lackey ate up eight solid innings, again plagued by a rare error and a brain fart during that one inning to put the Cubs in a 3-0 hole (that should have only been 1-0).  Baseball is strange, and even with the copious amount of poor luck, what with hard-hit balls seeming to find every defender.  But the process still works as they made Atlanta burn through a bunch of pitchers after getting Julio Teheran out of the game before finally falling in extras.  I liked seeing the effort and the process continuing to play out even if the results weren’t as positive as we would have liked.

Think of it this way…Jason Heyward is scuffling, Anthony Rizzo has an ugly batting average (but who cares about batting average these days?), yada yada, yet again, the Cubs are in charge of their own destiny.  I am not that good of a prognosticator, but I think it’ll get better for the Cubs going forward.


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