Ivy’s Roundup – You’re In Our House, MFer!

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So Ivy was gonna do this, but then she got busy at work (life, I know!), and her coworkers apparently are the Devil, so I gotta do it now.  Which is cool, because we just finished a nice 8-2 homestand after the last time the Chicago Cubs won a series.

Now where were we?  Oh yes…the 2016 Chicago Cubs, with over a third of the games done for the year, are now 39-16.  Due to their INSANE run differential of (does math) +141, the Cubs have actually been unlucky, since they are three wins behind their expected record of 42-13.  And then you say, “What? The Cubs, unlucky?” as if they haven’t been unlucky since 1908 (preemptive troll against the trolls), but honestly, a few healthy bounces here or there and the Cubs probably win an extra five games.  Oh well.  As I said a few days ago, the Cubs are VERY good.  And if you don’t think so, well, you should go out for ice cream or have some sex or something and just enjoy SOMETHING.  Sheesh.

The fact that the Cubs have already passed one million fans for the year in just 30 home dates is nifty.  They have a good shot of getting to 3 million!  And you can bet at least some of THOSE fans enjoy it.

I have a bunch of blogs about the Cubs’ homestand and highlights in the archives that you’re welcome to look at, and I’ll try to link every one here since I’m also too lazy to do a full recap for every one.  Suffice it to say that I watched and/or listened to a lot of these games and I’m well aware of what happened, but at least you should know the scores…

Vs. Phillies (May 27-29)

Vs. Dodgers (May 30 – June 2)

  • Cubs win 2-0 –> This recap covers it, but the Cubs’ bullpen was PERFECT for seven innings after Jason Hammel had a hammy cramp.  That’s pretty good, even if fans keep complaining about the bullpen.
  • Cubs lose 5-0 –> This was unfortunately one of those goofy games that Jake Arrieta couldn’t win for the Cubs, because he can’t hit a home run EVERY time out, and he also can’t pitch forever.  Bullpen can now be complained about, until the next time they don’t suck (which is often, by the way).
  • Cubs win 2-1 –> See, the Cubs can win close games too!  Yay pitching.
  • Cubs win 7-2 –> They can also win by blowout.  But hey, I think Julio Urias will be fine one day.  It’s OK if Dodgers fans want to trade him away, maybe to the Cubs.

Vs. Diamondbacks (June 3-5)

  • Cubs win 6-0 –> John Lackey is good, and the Cubs pour it on late in a silly game.
  • Cubs win 5-3 –> Just a few days after his cramp, Jason Hammel battles early control problems in the friggin’ rain to keep the Cubs ahead, with his own contributions on offense.  A fun game to watch at the bar.
  • Cubs lose 3-2 –> I was at this game, and I might be banned from Wrigley for a while after going 0-2 so far.  The Cubs are still good.

OK, so now what?

Well, the Cubs have opened up a 9.5 game division lead over their rival Pittsburgh Pirates, and the St. Louis Cardinals are barking right behind them, 10 games back of the Cubs.  The Pirates will host the New York Mets, so, uh, go Mets and/or meteor, I guess.  The Cards are playing in Cincinnati against the Reds, so unless something weird happens, they’ll probably win that series and gain some ground.  And guess who the Cubs play next?  Yep, those same Phillies they swept last week!  Woo!  Here are the matchups and game times and all that jazz.

Cubs @ Phillies

Monday, June 6 (It’s D-Day! #NeverForget)
6:05 PM Central
Jon Lester vs. Adam Morgan
TV = CSN, ESPN2 (out of market), Radio = WSCR AM 670 The Score

Tuesday, June 7
6:05 PM Central
Kyle Hendricks vs. Jerad Eickhoff
TV = WGN (yay!), Radio = WSCR AM 670 The Score

Wednesday, June 8
12:05 PM Central
Jason Hammel (or John Lackey) vs. Vincent Velasquez
TV = CSN, MLB Network (out of market), Radio = WSCR AM 670 The Score

The last one is weird.  Cubs.com says Hammel, but it should be Lackey’s turn in the rotation.  Hmmph.  Anyway, these are pretty much the same pitching matchups as last time at Wrigley, and you know what happened last time around…


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