MLB Draft Arrives — Cubs Get the Whole First Day Off

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Tonight is the MLB Rule 4 Amateur Draft, a days-long affair where several hundred kids find out which teams get exclusive rights to give them life-changing money that’s actually restricted by a silly slot system.  Speaking of that slot system, you can read the original blog here and see the official Cubs pool amounts here.  I did a bit of pontificating online:

This is exactly what I thought would happen once the Cubs became good again, and also keep in mind that the Cubs still have about a week (June 15) to try to sign a couple of international free agents before they get restrictive penalties for the next two signing periods, which seems to have been their strategy to keep stockpiling young talent in the lower minors.  In the meantime, they have to wait a day before they can start drafting in the third round, which means we are unlikely to see the same fast-track successes as in the past few drafts.  I’d still expect some solid picks, though.


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