Cubs Record Against Bad Teams is 24-12? Not Bad At All

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Games like last night are very disappointing. I understand why fans are upset and disappointed. Like you, I want to see them win every game they play, even though I know that is impossible. Teams like the San Diego Padres, Milwaukee Brewers and Atlanta Braves should be easy wins. Alas, those seem to be the teams the Chicago Cubs struggle the most with.

The Cubs have 18 losses and 12 of them came against losing teams that they probably should have beaten. However, that means the Cubs only have six losses against the teams that actually have life in them, which is not too bad.

However, let’s take a closer look at that 24-12 record against the bad teams.

That is an interesting statistic. The Cubs have the best record in baseball by a comfortable margin. At 41-18, they have a winning percentage of .695. As noted above their winning percentage against losing teams is .667 which is only slightly below their official winning percentage.

As the tweet above mentioned, there is only one team in all of baseball who has an official winning percentage of .667 and that would be the Cubs. The next best winning percentage belongs to the Texas Rangers and Washington Nationals who sit at 37-24 for a .607 percentage.

Yeah, winning even half of those games against the bad teams would have been great. Improving our record to 47-12 overall would be damn impressive. But I am not going to worry about our “poor record” against losing teams.

Why? We are not going to be facing any bad teams in the playoffs, and our winning percentage against bad teams is still far better than the pace any other team is on all across baseball. That means that the Cubs are 17-6 against the good teams for a .739 winning percentage. Think about that.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

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