More Cookies! Willson Contreras Gets His Shot (OFFICIAL)

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Well, I had just barely gotten done with setting up a road trip recap for Ivy (stupid coworker from Hell), when this showed up…

My guesses include:

  • Willson Contreras was simply hitting too well to be kept in Iowa.  He’s also apparently improved his catching defense and game-calling enough where this isn’t an issue.  There’s a possibility that he will also soak up more knowledge from Miguel Montero and David Ross that it would be a worthwhile call-up.
  • There is a possibility that Montero may be hurt more than he was letting on, given that he was previously put on the DL (which is why Tim Federowicz is currently rotting on the bench) and his lack of offensive production, something I’m sure all Cubs fans have noticed.
  • This most likely means Federowicz is gone.
  • Or this, which, darn…

  • But this part suggests that won’t happen:

Waiting for official word, which needs to come before tomorrow’s first pitch, obviously.

UPDATE 6/17 11:20 AM: And here we go…


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3 Replies to “More Cookies! Willson Contreras Gets His Shot (OFFICIAL)”

    • He didn’t know that Montero would line into an unfortunate double play, and that was probably the intended double switch in the endgame anyway. Willson will get his hits.

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