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The Chicago Cubs players and fans love messing with David Ross because he is the old man on the team. Even though he is only a young 39, that is kind of old for a professional athlete. Even going back to the Cubs Convention, fans and players alike messed with him.

Whether it was in the “For Kids Only Press Conference” where a kid said this “David Ross, this question is not for you. What was your favorite video game growing up?”. Another child in that seminar asked the panel who their favorite players to watch when they were growing up were and Anthony Rizzo gave Ross a sly look.

To his credit, Ross has no problem being the center of the old man jokes. He plays along with them because he knows they are done with love.

Now the Cubs organization themselves have jumped into the fun. I am sure that you have seen these two “Vote Cubs” ads they have put out on Twitter. They have Ross showing you how to “Vote Cubs” using “advanced technology” like the rotary phone

And then a fax machine

Ross may not have “all star numbers” and he has said numerous times that he does not want to be a sideshow in the All Star game (like John Scott was in the NHL All Star game). If he gets voted in, he wants to earn that honor which he does not feel he deserves because he does not play enough.

While he is having an impressive year, and is still leading in “Write In Votes” he will not be voted in.

However, he could easily be the leading vote getter if Cub fans really wanted him in.

What is impressive is that currently the Cubs entire infield is starting in the All Star Game, as well as Dexter Fowler in the outfield. All five (Rizzo, Ben Zobrist, Addison Russell, Kris Bryant and Fowler) as of the last update are the leading vote getters at their position. Jason Heyward was in fourth place with a meager 400K votes behind third place Yoenis Cespedes.

A Twitter follower and I had a brief conversation on this.

Back to Ross, if the powers that be in baseball really wanted to have some fun, they could place G-Pa Rossy in the National League Final vote slot. Considering that he is the current write in candidate he might have a good shot.

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