Wrigley Field Plaza Ordinance Passes — City Council Approves

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If you were following the timelines of intrepid Chicago reporters Danny Ecker and Fran Spielman, you’ll know that the city of Chicago’s License Committee just approved the new Wrigley Field plaza ordinance proposed by Rahm Emanuel last week.  The Chicago Cubs, despite funding the renovations pretty much all by themselves, will have to accept the city’s terms for now.

The Cubs aren’t going to take this lying down, but there was at least some kind of compromise for night games, it seems:

I guess it is reasonable for the neighbors to expect fans to stop getting drunk and go home after night games are over, though there may be extra-inning affairs that end after 11 PM, so who knows how that will affect their bottom line?  There are a number of items from Fran Spielman’s tweets that we can glean from the hearing (plus Ecker’s summary here):

  • Tunney wants to keep the ticket-holder-only rule, but I am not sure how they can enforce that without setting up even more fencing around the area.  There’s already a bunch of fencing around the entrances for the metal detectors, so I guess on game days Wrigley Field is gonna look like a fortress with a moat or something.  The Cubs are going to keep pushing to get this rule eliminated.
  • There is a 12-event limit, with no concerts during the school year between Labor Day and June 15.  The Cubs are going to push to tweak this as well.
  • The Cubs are concerned that any playoff watch parties will cut into that 12-event limit, and want to try to get back to whatever they agreed upon in 2013 (which may result in legal action per Spielman).  You can’t blame them for feeling slighted, since they were promised something and then suddenly it changed, which is why we find ourselves in this little negotiation/battle.

Also, Crazy Cubs Pieces-of-Flair Lady was there to speak for the team:

As for what’s next?

I’ll hopefully be watching Finding Dory with the family, and we’ll see whether the news comes before or after the Cubs finish their home stand against the Cardinals.

UPDATE 6/22 2:15 PM: Ordinance approved, no debate…

And that is that.


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