The Baseball Marathon

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I’m a bit bored, so I thought I’d just go to Baseball-Reference and check the standings as well as the longest losing streak for every MLB team…bear with me below.

AL East:

BAL – 4 games (in May)
BOS – 3 games (5x)
TOR – 5 games
NYY – 6 games
TBR – 10 games

AL Central:

CLE – 3 games (4x)
KCR – 8 games
DET – 7 games
CHW – 7 games
MIN – 9 games

AL West:

TEX – 4 games (in April)
HOU – 4 games (2x, in April and in May)
SEA – 6 games
OAK – 7 games
LAA – 6 games

NL East:

WSN – 7 games
NYM – 4 games (2x, in April and in May)
MIA – 4 games (in April)
PHI – 9 games
ATL – 9 games

NL Central:

CHC – 4 games (we’ll talk about this shortly)
STL – 5 games
PIT – 5 games (2x, just this month)
MIL – 4 games (2x, in April and in June)
CIN – 11 games

NL West:

SFG – 5 games
LAD – 6 games
ARI – 6 games
COL – 5 games
SDP – 5 games

Now let’s come back to the Chicago Cubs, who sandwiched a win between Saturday’s loss and their first (and so-far, we hope, only four-game losing streak).  If you look at the schedule, the Cubs first lost THREE in a row in late May, after which they rattled off another six wins in a row before they lost again.  They didn’t have their first FOUR-game losing streak (which we are all aware of now since it’s fresh in our memory) until after every other team in the majors had their own four-game (or more) losing streaks, or multiple three-game losing streaks.  Think about that for a second.  It took until late June, after multiple injuries to deplete the Cubs’ roster (and yet, every loss remained competitive for the most part), and some incredibly bad luck in a few of those losses if we’re keeping in context here, to get the first four-game losing streak for this team.  And no matter what happens, as of this writing, the Cubs will continue to hold at least a nine-game lead in the division, will have the best record by percentage points, and fewer losses than any team in MLB.

We can’t really predict what will happen next, but if you are an optimist, if Anthony Rizzo and Ben Zobrist and Miguel Montero get back to healthy and productive, if the rookies keep working hard and occasionally (or at this point, frequently!) amaze us, and if they just continue to trust the process and the defense as they have to this point, I think the Cubs will turn out OK.  From previously:

  • The Cubs are currently 47-20.  The Cardinals are 35-33, the Pirates are 33-36.  So that means the Cubs have 95 games left, the Cards have 94 games left, and the Pirates have 93 games left.
  • The current pace puts the Cubs at 114 wins, the Cardinals at 83 wins, and the Pirates at 77 wins.
  • Let’s say you need just 90 wins to take the NL Central.  The Cubs would need to go 43-52 in their final 95 games (a .453 win percentage, which, hahaha yeah right at this point), the Cardinals would need to go 55-39 in their final 94 games (a .585 win percentage, which is doable but somewhat unlikely), and the Pirates would need to go 57-36 in their final 93 games (a .613 win percentage, which again is doable but they still have to play the Cubs 10 more times).
  • If the Cubs go even .500 the rest of the way (and we should justifiably expect better), that’s 47-48 if we’re being glass-half-empty, and that’s still 94 wins.  And it means the Cards and Pirates have to win an extra four games than outlined above to match that total.

The napkin math has changed a bit, but I hope you get my point.  And for goodness’ sake, relax.  Otherwise, one of these days the Cubs will have a five-game losing streak, and you really will die of a heart attack.


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